Detroit Lions Offense To Blame For The 2-4 Start This Season


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Detroit Lions Football
Detroit Lions Football

After watching last nights game it’s apparent that the Detroit Lions problem is their offense.They just embarrassed themselves last night on Monday Night Football.

If the Lions defense can hold the Chicago Bears to 13 points, even when they are on the road that has to say that their offense needs to be in sync. Matthew Stafford has to be better in the first half and catch his receivers in stride and not be so weak with the football.

The Detroit Lions don’t have to overthink the game they just have to go out there and play. I think that the Lions offensive over thinks when they have the ball and all they need to do is find a receiver. I mean they have the best WR in the game.

To have a winning season this year everyone on the Detroit Lions offensive line needs to step it up and do something with the ball. This season Detroit has only been able to score one touchdown before halftime in the last six games.

The Detroit Lions are a good team but they have to start playing football! Look at the bright side Detroit the Tigers made it to the world series that is something to cheer up. Eat Em’ Tigers!

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