Detroit Lions Vs Chicago Bears 5 Things To Watch For Monday Night Matchup


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Here are some of the things that you should watch for the MNF matchup. It was a showdown in Chicago. That the Lions offense couldn’t get a handle on to bad, right?

1. The score at the half

Tonight would be good if the Detroit Lions went into the half with the lead. They were unable to do so in last years game against the Chicago Bears. But some out the Lions have been able to come back in the last 5 games.

The Detroit Lions showed some sparks in the last 10 games of last years. But tonight against the Bears they are looking pretty bad with all the fumbles they have had.

2. Turnovers 

The Detroit Lions are sucking on the field tonight with all the fumbles that they have and not to mention the penalties they have called on them. The Lions have had 13 offside penalties called on them in the last 6 games. If you are a Lions that is embarrassing.

The Chicago Bears are one of best in the NFL in causing turnovers, they are +9 and they convert turnovers into points. The Lions turned over the ball six times last year and it stopped them from being in the game. It looks the same in this years game too.

3. Lions against the pass

The best thing the Detroit Lions can do is have an awesome secondary for this game and they have actually been relying on their defensive line and Suh as been doing a great job so if Stafford can throw a few touchdowns they will be in good shape.

4. Special teams

The special teams did a great job against the Eagles and they need to do the same against the Chicago Bears and not let Devin Hester touch the football and they should be able to have a pretty good chance. If you don’t remember Devin Hester ran the kick of back for a touchdown last year.

5. Pass rush  

Like last week against the Eagles the Lions made Micheal Vick very uncomfortable and that’s what the Detroit Lions need to do to the Chicago Bears, but if they don’t its going to be a long night for the Lions Defense. Suh has been doing a great job on Cutler as he is currently out of the game right now getting X-Rays.

Those might be some things you want to watch for in this Monday night football game.

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