Governing Body Strips Lance Armstrong Of 7 Tour De France Titles


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Bicycle macroForget the 7 Tour De France victories or the yellow jersey celebrations. Forget about the name that dominated the cycling world for years.
The cycling governing body has put their foot down
and stripped Lance Armstrong of his 7 titles,
so to the committee Lance Armstrong is out of the record books.

Lance Armstrong has been banned for life in cycling for his involvement in doping as they say it tainted the sport and the reward of winning at the highest level. Lance doesn’t deserve to be in cycling and therefore needs to be forgotten in the sport of cycling.

Lance Armstrong is going to go under more investigation for his 2000 bronze medal. Christian Prudhomme the tour director says that he doesn’t consider Lance Armstrong a champion from 1999-2005 and would like if Lance paid back all his prize money.

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