Lance Armstrong asked to return nearly $4M In Tour de France Prize Money


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Lance Armstrong Medal Reaction
Lance Armstrong Stripped Of Medals

The board of international cycling has asked Lance Armstrong to give back nearly 4 million.

Lance Armstrong has won seven tour de Frances and was stripped
of them because of doping.

The governing body is also investigating how long he has been doping for. The UCI says that they will do whatever it takes to get cycling back on track. They have demanded that Armstrong gives all his winnings back. Now Lance is saying that he paid the UCI to keep his doping a secret by paying them 2 payments of $125,000, and the UCI says that they have never taken a bribe from Lance Armstrong.

A spokes lady for cycling says that cycling is a completely different sport as the riders under go a lot more testing for doping since 1999-2005. She also states that they have heard all the concerns from the Lance Armstrong affair and the sport of cycling is taking them into consideration.

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