Michigan Weather Destroys Pontiac Silverdome


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If you guys don’t know what the Pontiac Silverdome is, it used to be the home of the famous Detroit Lions. Its actually called the Pontiac Silverdome. With the bad weather that we are having in Michigan today it feels like 2 degrees outside.

The roof of the Pontiac Silverdome caved in and now looks like crap, to add more salt to the wound I wonder where they will hold the Monster Jams on in Detroit? I remember going to the Monster Jams when I was a kid with my dad.

The Silverdome is now more of a eye sore for what is already an eye sore of a city in Michigan, yes I am talking about Pontiac. Maybe the city of Pontiac can knock down the Silverdome now. Its not like any of us really go to Monster Jams anymore.

Oh would you look at that, the next Monster Jam will be at Ford Field March 2nd get your tickets now.

The old Silverdome:

The new Silverdome:

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