Not A Good Week For Jet’s QB Tim Tebow

This week has to suck for New York Jet’s QB Tim Tebow has he was in the running for being the starting QB for Sundays game against the Chargers. Rex Ryan instead picked McElory to start and will keep Tim Tebow on the bench.

Than today Tim Tebow broke up with his girlfriend Camilla Belle after two months of dating that has to be a buzz kill for Tim Tebow.

Camilla Belle is a no name actress that was in “Parda to Nada” and “Dirty Dancing 3” which you probably have never heard of or watched because they both sucked. I have never heard of Dirty Dancing 3.

Sources say that the 2 broke up because the relationship wasn’t working, its kind like Tebow’s relationship with the New York Jets. I’m just saying I do hope they trade him I kind of want to see him play and get hit a few times.

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