Reggie Bush Signs With Detroit Lions


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This is what I wake up to in the morning is the Detroit Lions might sign Reggie Bush and I thought to myself Reggie Bush coming to Detroit wouldn’t be such a  bad idea. It might add some fire power to the Lions running game.

At least the Lions went out and got somewhat of a good running back I know that Jackson might have been a better choice but we only can see what game one will bring to Lions fans this coming season. He did have his Heisman take away so that does kind of suck.

Here is something that is funny to say about the new signing and hey it might be true for the Lions. He’s coming from Miami to Detroit, I’m sure he understands getting paid in drug money.

I wonder if Bush will start this year or if Leshoure will take the snaps and put Reggie Bush in when we have to score a touchdown. Is Reggie Bush worth a 4 year contract? Reggie change your uniform buddy and welcome to Detroit.

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