Rutgers Joins Big Ten Leaving Big East Behind

Rutgers Joins Big Ten

Today Rutgers leaves the big east to go to the big ten. The president of Rutgers says that Rutgers belongs in the big ten. Rutgers has been playing in the big east since 1991 but with the realignment of the conference Rutgers has been looking for a way out and the big ten gave them an invitation.

Rutgers has negotiated a deal to leave the big east early, but normally the big east looks for 24 month notice before leaving. The Scarlet Knights have gone to a bowl game 6 times in the last 7 years. So they have grown to be a strong football program.

The Big Ten reportedly paid its members about $24 million last year. The Big East’s payout to football members last year was $6 million. We we see what Maryland and Rutgers can do in the big ten.

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