Spurs Get Sued For Resting Players

Spurs sued

The San Antonio Spurs predicament has gotten even worst not only have they lost one of their star players for 14 days and when I am talking about a star I am talking about Manu Ginobili hes out with a left hamstring injury, but that doesn’t only suck the Spurs are being sued for resting their players a few months ago when they were on a long road game series.

I don’t think that is right if your a fan of the San Antonio Spurs I get you want to see your star players on the court but you have to remember that these athletes are humans too and they can’t play every game. I am 100% behind Greg Popovich  for what he did and I don’t care that the game was against the Miami Heat.

You have Dywane Wade and Lebron James to watch and were talking about an older Spurs team. If you are a Spurs fan wouldn’t you want to see them in the playoffs this year and make a run for the championship?  Well they need to be healthy and strong and have Ginobili back in the lineup but they will get there.

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