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What to Do When You Money Slows Down?

This happens to the best of us and without reason for most of us, right? Everyone has money troubles at times.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

You never want to but your eggs into one basket its foolish now. Always work on a side hustle if you have one even after your nine to five.

You should always be looking at “jobs” that you can put your time into that has a big reward. Maybe a car wash or a rental property?

Try and stay in an idustry that your passioniate about. But remeber that all industries have a “dry spell” and some times you just have to stick it out. Don’t lose the drive when you enjoy what your doing. So many people don’t wait it out and just put in the work.

Your doing it for the passion the money comes second. If your blogging your blog should be fun to you.