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snowy windshield

Clean Off Snow and Ice Off Your Windshield Correctly

If you are not putting a Windshield snow cover on your car you could be waking up to a fresh layer of snow or ice on your vehicle. Besides using an ice scraper or a snow brush here are a few great ways to get the snow and ice off of your car in the morning.

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BMW Sports Car

Not Overpriced Old Sports Cars

No one wants to buy an overpriced car and why should you? I mean there are so many nice cars out there on the market. The first one that comes to mind is the Telsa. Read More

Lincoln Aviator reboot

Lincoln is Coming Back with The Aviator – SUV

Lincoln is coming back with the Aviator and it looks so nice. This SUV has the potential to sell better than the Continental.  Read More

good-question cars

Good Question What About A New Car?


That’s a good question or you can just get a new car? Carsdirect.com

Is This Your Smart Car?


You might need a new car .. hahaha .. Carsdirect.com is solid .. They don’t sell bikes though.

Slow Cars Suck


Do you have a slow car? Carsdirect.com is a solution!


This is What You Do on The Weekends


For 10 months WOW!

no money down car dealers in NJ

How Easy Is It For No Money Down Car Loans in New Jersey

Hey, I am going to be honest the days of walking on to a car dealers lot to purchase a new or used car is almost over. With the capabilities of the web you can get financed for a car and pick out the car you want before you even walk on to the car lot.  Read More

The Best Cars That Retain Their Value

Now I am not much of a car guy but, I try to be. Hahahaha.

Shopping for a car can be fun, when you go car shopping you want to look for car that is affordable, but not only that but drives well and looks good. No one wants a crappy looking car, right? You want the best car for your money, and the truth is cars aren’t all built the same. Read More

Audi TT RS Sports Car

Audi on Monday unleashed a new sports car and its a beast.

Under the hood, the TT RS packs quite a punch with a 2.5-liter, 395-horsepower (400-metric-horsepower) turbocharged, inline-5-cylinder-engine that harkens back to the company’s legendary Quattro rally racers of the 1980s. Its pretty bad ass.

The coupe price for this beauty starts at, $66,400 and the roadster starts at, $69,200. The TT RS will be in the European market this summer, with delivery options at the end of the year.
But for American drivers they don’t have the luxury of having the TT RS hit American soil. Guess well have to wait for it.