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alarm clock for Christmas

Why You Need an Alarm Clock This Christmas

An alarm clock is the must have you need this Christmas. You don’t need to be looking at your Instagram feed before bed. Put your phone on the wireless changer and get some ZZZ’s.¬† Read More

Christmas gifts for the girlfriend

Gifts Your Girlfriend or Wife Really Wants This Christmas

With Christmas around the corner here are some awesome Christmas gifts your girlfriend/ or wife may want to get you this year. Or these can be things that your girlfriend wants this year. My wife wants coach purse or a Kate Spade purse. So you might be lucky with this list. Read More

Christmas Cigar Sampler Mike’s Cigars

cigar sample for christmas

Well if you are into cigars here are a package of some popular ones by demand. Have a Merry Christmas.Chris

Cigar Black Friday Sampler

Toy For Christmas in Texas

police in Texas

This is a cool story. Thank you to the cops in Texas. Wonder if more cops are doing things like this to get toys for Christmas. This is what cops should do instead of write fines


Christmas Too Soon – 12 Weeks!!

Christmas 12 weeks

This is too soon .. Christmas is in 12 Weeks!! That means snow too!