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Red Wings Curly Fry Promotion with Arbys

You know every year that Arbys gets into the sports spirit with offering curly fries for home runs (Tigers) and goals for the Red Wings right?


Well, the Red Wings are so bad this year that Arbys is basically giving away curly fries and its bad all the Red Wings have to do is score three goals as a team.


Now come on we suck that bad that we’re not scoring goals?? Come on right!


Well, good luck getting your curly fries!



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Red Wings Just Suck!

Do you have high hopes for the NHL teams the red wings? I don’t their preseason is flat out sucking.

This is a great summary of how the Red Wings are looking. The Red Wings are just a crap team have been. But I hope they can turn it around. They are 1-5 for the pre-season.