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Traveling on a budget for the holidays

6 Ways To Travel on a Budget For The Holidays

Your living on a budget but your family wants to see you for the holidays, right? You don’t know if you can afford a holiday trip back home with the small budget you have well here is a good way to start saving for that holiday trip if you want too.

How to see family and friends during the holidays

Most people want to see friends and family over actually getting them gifts this year. Spending time means more.

  1. Start looking at flight rates like today. Buying earlier flights might work out for you better than buying last might flights. Kayak.com and Google flights are two sites to keep your eyes on.
  2. You want to get serious about freeing up some money. Watch what you spend for a couple of weeks. Don’t spend money on meals or entertainment.
  3. Make your credit cards work for you. But only use the credit cards that are going to benefit you the most with the best rates or cash back.
  4. If you can open up a credit card that has a introductory rate for at least a year so you can have some time to pay down the card. Or ask for a higher monthly pay off rate so you can pay it down faster. Most people that use credit cards to pay for trips are still paying them off daily.
  5. Keep shopping even after you book the trip. But sometimes you only have 24-hours but if the rates go lower you can try and rebook for that lower rate.
  6. Let your presence be the family present.