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Sport Editon Socks

Keep your feet on the move with Happysocks.com They got socks for days, women, men, kids, and special edition socks. Hey, with football starting up you may just want a new pair of sports socks. You don’t have to be a LIONS fan either.


michigan beats michigan state

UofM With a Classless Win?

Michigan kind of Kick A** over State yesterday I went on social media after the game and saw that a lot of people were bitching about that UofM is “classless”? Read More

ohio state loses

Purdue With a Blowout Win Over Ohio State

It was so much fun watching Ohio State go down in a blow out that’s some crazy sh*t. I have never really liked Ohio State and its great that they’re going to go down in the rankings.


What could top off a Saturday night beside a Michigan win over Michigan State and an Ohio State lost?


49-20 is not just a win it’s a blow out for Purdue and this is going to be great.


I still don’t know how UofM will do against Penn State but we have a week to wait.


Great job! Purdue for a great win!

Chinanu Underhand Free Throws


Chinanu  free throws he started back in college. What a ball player.. Better form than Shaq though.