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shower wine holder

Now There Is a Shower Friendly Wine Holder

For all the wine lovers out there have you ever wanted to sip on the wine in the shower? Now you can with the Sipski Shower Wine Glass Holder. This wine holder will keep your wine glass steady while your in the shower or the bath.

Just stick the wine holder to the wall and your good to go. The company hasn’t let the men out either they have a brew holder for the shower. But I don’t know why you would want to drink a brew in the shower.

amazon shipping wine

Amazon is Now Shipping Wine Within an Hour If You Have Prime

So today I read that Amazon.com is able to ship wine to you within an hour that’s pretty exciting I really don’t drink wine that much anymore because of what they recently found in wine.  Read More

Rated Wine From Wine.com 40% Savings

You love wine? So do I and since the holidays are here what better time than now to get a few bottles of wine. Trust me when we go to to traverse city there is nothing better than some wine. Read More