How To Launch An eCommerce Website

You want to know an easy way to launch an eCommerce website? 

setting up an ecommerce site


  1. One you need a domain name. is a good place for one of those. You will want to brainstorm a domain name close to the puduct you are selling rather it be software like, or Nike shoes you want to have a solid domain.
  2. Hosting, but you want it to be reliable. has hosting packages, so does or
  3. You will want to optimize your website for mobile. Making sure your website mobile friendly and good for the mobile first indexing is a good start.
  4. Add your products to your store.
  5. You want to have a reliable shopping cart. Make sure the shopping cart is friendly for your customers.
  6. Make sure you have set up a payment system to take orders.
  7. Make sure your doing your ads on social and local places. Facebook Ads is still pretty cheap for running an ad daily for brand awareness.
  8. You want to have solid content, you want to be able to do blogging and videos.

This is great way to get yourself into the eCommerce industry and its okay to be a beginner.

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