Apple Has Sold $50 Billion Worth of iPhones in U.S.


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Since its release in June 2007, people in the U.S. have bought 85 million iPhones — almost one iPhone for every third person in the country, according to the most recent census data. Those sales have generated a total $50 billion in revenue for Apple.

The year that saw the most growth in U.S. iPhone sales was actually 2011, when sales jumped to 32.4 million units over 14.123 million in 2010. The reasons for the spike are fairly clear: 2011 was the year Apple finally brought the iPhone to carriers besides AT&T in the U.S., plus it waited an extra four months beyond its usual launch date for that year’s model, the iPhone 4S, leading to unprecedented sales numbers when it finally debuted.

The Samsung numbers don’t go back as far as Apple’s, but they show Samsung sold a total of 21.3 million phones between June 2010 and June 2012, generating $7.5 billion in revenue. In that same period, Apple sold 60.1 million iPhones for $36.7 billion.

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