Find Car Dealers in the Chicago Illinois Area

Want to make buying a car in Chicago Illinois easier on yourself? Let’s knock out the car loan options for you in the Chicago area and break down what you need document wise for a new or used car in Chicago.


Yes buying a car should start with an online car dealer in Chicago IL


Buying a car, in general, should start with finding a car dealer online in the Chicago area. But most people don’t start there you know why? Their credit is out of shape.


Yes, to purchase a car of any kind you need the credit to make the car dealership smile. Now it’s not hard to make the car dealership smile just make sure you have a job and have an idea of a price for that new or used car your drooling over.


Okay, a used car you might not drool over it but you might snake out a good deal on one. If you have poor to bad credit you might be able to find a subprime auto lender in Chicago.


(Hint: We work with a few).


What Chicago auto lenders like when purchasing cars


Yes, you can start with online auto lenders or what we like to suggest is that you work with local credit unions, why? They have cheaper auto loan rates.


Another great step to advise is to target your budget. Now, this may take some time and some math or number crunching. You don’t want to overspend. Always spend less then you make.


Car dealers in Chicago are going to want to look at your debt to income or DTI as they call it too. Your debt to income can be as low as 45% to 50% the car dealer wants to make sure you have the income for the auto loan. That’s where the down payment talk works well.


The right documents for buying new and used cars


Have all your documents on hand when you sit down with the car dealership. Most car dealers in Chicago have requirements for their lenders to give you the auto loan.


  • You will want proof of the income you make
  • Proof you’re a resident
  • You will want a working smartphone
  • A sizable down payment
  • Your drivers’ license
  • A solid reference that the car dealership can call upon if need be


Start off in the right hands at the car dealer in Chicago


You want to land in good hands with a Chicago car dealership and we can line this process up for you with budget-friendly cars and the right auto lending resources. Don’t wait another day see what you can drive today!

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