Gadget You Will Want in 2019

We all need gadgets in our lives right? Well here are some that you might be missing out on.

  1. Fixd – its vehicle diagnostics with out the mechanic. It syncs with your phone. Regardless of you having a new or used car.
  2. Keysmart – it keeps all your keys nice and neat. It’s a Swiss arm knife for your keys and it holds up to 14 keys.
  3. Photostick – it backsup your videos and photos. It’s a thumb drive that looks for photos and videos.
  4. VIZR – this gadget gives you heads up directions when you’re behind the steering wheel. It just has to sit on the dash of your vehicle.
  5. Dodow – trains your brain to sleep.
  6. Peeps – its NASA approve cleaner for eyewear.
  7. Xtra – PC – it makes your old computer fast again.

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