Having a Daily Outfit “Uniform”

This morning I found out something very interesting and that’s more and more people are looking at doing daily uniforms instead of always having to pick out clothes that talk to their personality per say.

Simplifying something like this is a solid go-to for me. I would love to have a few Nike.com outfits or just some tees and sweatpants from Old Navy. I don’t care if I got my clothes from TJ Max.

Recently I got amazon.com tees there nice I wouldn’t mind having some shirts like that and some sweats. It would make my morning easier. Simplifying thoughts like that might make you have a less anxiety day.

One daily “uniform”

There are so many options now it can drive you nuts. I just recently read that people are buying outfits for one day for Instagram posts and then returning them to Amazon.com

An outfit that is the same for 7 days is fine with me variety can be in there like the color and style of the Tee like V-neck or selves or short sleeves. Let’s face it with Instagram there is a lot of style comparisons and I personally don’t care. Clothes are clothes to me the end.

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