3 Items You May Want on Your Christmas List for Black Friday or Cyber Monday

There are few things you might want to splurge on for black Friday and or Cyber Monday. Not that I’m a huge fan of Black Friday.¬†

Kitchen Items

A lot of folks are saying to splurge on Kitchen items¬† People are looking for pots and pans and coffee machines, a high powered blender. A knife set isn’t a bad idea if you spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking.

Some places to keep an eye on are Bloomingdales.com, Macys.com, WilliamSonoma.com

Workout Classes

You can usually find a good price on a package deal they add up and you don’t want to break the bank, do ya?

Spend it on beauty

Beauty splurges are huge online if your looking for a mud mask down to a blow dryer. Yes it might be hard to justify any other day to drop $300 on beauty but Black Friday and Cyber Monday might be your day. Let’s face it beauty are way to expensive so spend today!

Places to check out are Ulta.com, DermStore.com, Sephora.com

This may make your Christmas list happy or Christmas shopping go by faster.

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