4 Tips For The Start At The Gym

There are so many decisions when you go into the gym of what are you going to do for each part of your body. Here are 4 good tips that will have you stressing less!

  1. Ellipitical or Treadmill?
    Say the Treadmill you get the most full body benefits and that still is true if you just walk (that is what I do)
  2. Free weights or Machine weights?
    Free weights for sure, they target more than one muscle and you get the most burn
  3. Playlist or TV?
    Its a personal question, but your playlist will motivate you more. I use slackerradio.com, iheartradio app, and 8tracks.com. Find one that will get you going
  4. Water or Sports Drink
    Water is the best thing to hydrate your body, the upside is your not adding that sugar weight back on
Hope these tips help you get back in the gym!

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