5 Benefits Of Treadmill Workouts


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Now from my experience and the people I talk to that go to the gym. No one likes the treadmill. But I’m hoping that this will give you the positive mind set for trying it out.

There are a lot of treadmill workouts out there. You want to protect your heart and save your knees. Here is 5 ways that the treadmill helps:

  • Protects your heart, the treadmill helps you run indoors so you don’t have to deal with the smog
  • Idiot proof your workout, the treadmill sets the workout up for you
  • Save your knees, the treadmill has a lot more cushion than the roads or trails do for your body
  • Save on the laundry, you don’t have to run outside in the winter, so you don’t have to put on the extra layers and sweat more (like REI.com fitness wear)
  • Workout is just as hard, as long as you have a 1% incline on the treadmill it would be just like running outside
Hope this helps you with a new way to look at the dusty treadmill in your house.

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