5 Excerises For A Fat Burner Body

Here is a work out that will get your body into the fat burning machine that you want it to be. Who are we kidding everyone wants their body to be a fat burning machine as we get older.

So let’s hope this workout can be a start for you!

  1. Kettlebell squat press
  2. Kettlebell swing
  3. Around the world medicine ball smash
  4. Medicine ball chest pass
  5. Medicine ball wood chops
Here are videos of the following workouts so you can play along. So you can get the form down when you want to do this workout.
Kettle Bell Squat Press
Kettle Bell Swing
Medicine Ball Smash

Medicine Ball Chest Pass
Medicine Ball Wood Chop
You can get a medicine ball at walmart.com or paragonsports.com. The other option is to make your own too! 

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