5 Good Reasons To Quit Facebook

5 Good Reasons To Quit Facebook

Now I like Facebook but there is a lot to not like about it. Here are about 5 reasons why you need or should want to get off Facebook.

  1. It Wastes Your Time
    It’s estimated that the average casual user (17 minutes per day on Facebook) and waste about 40 days scrolling through senseless bullsh*t 
  2. Facebook Uses You To Sell
    Its true that want to see if you can play with your friends emotions to buy things. Lets face it, Facebook is an experiment and we are all caught in the middle.
  3. You Are A Target To Them
    They throw advertisements in your face all the time. And let advertisers blow up your inbox with emails. Not saying emails are bad, its a boom business. Yes email marketing is huge now.
  4. Facebook Can Be Bad For Your Health
    Studies have shown the lack of physical activity can hurt your immune system. And hurt the way you think. It has a huge impact on bullying.
  5. Nothing You Post Matters
    Bottom line is that the people that probably care about what your doing when you post it up on Facebook are with you anyways. Don’t get me wrong, Facebook is good to stay in touch with family but other than that Facebook as turned into a ad warehouse.
Just some food for thought for next time your on Facebook. Remember your friends are probably just trying to sell you something.

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