5 Pics Of Beyonce You Will Want To See


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beyonce instagram
Beyonce on Instagram

If you are a fan of Beyonce you probably already know that she is going to be conquering another social platform, Instagram this social platform is for you to share photos with your friends,

but here is a list of 5 photos you will want to see if you follow Beyonce on Instagram.

  1. #ThrowbackThursdays – #FlashbackFriday would work for us too, we’re not sure what B’s schedule is like.
  2. Baby Ivy – We’d have no problem watching her go from designer diapers to House of Dereon onesies.
  3. Selfies –  Any shots BeyoncĂ© takes of herself are sure to hit the popular page
  4. Nail Shots – We have to assume B can rock the talon look, but who knows what kind of nail trend she could start herself!

Rich Kids of Instagram – We just want to see a lifestyle of excess! We want to peep the inside of Bey and husband Jay-Z‘s home!

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