6 Brands To Look at Before Buying a Winter Coat This Christmas


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Everyone that lives in the Midwest needs a winter coat that’s a given. People, friends or family may put a winter coat on their Christmas list. 

Here are some trending brands that might warm you up before a winter coat does.

  • Dauphinette – New York based for luxury outerwear
  • Kassl Edition – Luxury outerwear label (kinda pricey)
  • Apparis – Cruelty free outerwear brand. They are known for their cozy coats (priced reasonably)
  • Ienki Ienki – Bright colored fashion forward outerwear
  • Saks Pott – Street style fashion outerwear
  • Biannual – Multi-purpose coats and can be reversible

You might not be able to find the proper winter coat but at least its a start. 🙂

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