Christmas Shopping and Black Friday!

Christmas shopping is upon us! Not as fun as it sounds but you have to do it for your family and here are some great places to get a kick in the pants. Also if you didn’t read my Black Friday write up? This is going to be a bigger list.

Now talking to girls, is a big winter! is another big one! you can get some “smell good” there. and are always hot for low prices. But if you want to talk about low prices for Christmas shopping, is always a winner! as some good deals and don’t for get that Cyber Monday is soon. 

But You know the Steve Maddens I bought at there are holding up very nicely with the way I walk, I actually want to get another pair of them. 

Check out they have some great deals too! 

Hope this helps with some Christmas shopping. And don’t forget that shoes are always a good gift. 

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