Cigarettes Give Harsher Hangovers


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If you are a smoker you probably already know this but when you have a few drinks and cigarettes you will a nastier hangover. This has been tested by researchers from Brown University, who set out to discover whether drinkers who smoke suffer harsher hangovers.

The test was he Brown team enlisted 113 college students and had them detail their smoking and drinking habits — hangovers and all — over an eight-week period.

Students who were the heaviest drinkers — consuming six beers an hour, per researchers — but who also smoked were two times more likely to wake up with a nasty hangover than any of the other revelers.

This study merely identifies a connection between smoking and more severe hangovers without examining any causal relationship. One possible factor: Both cigarettes and alcohol flood the brain with dopamine, which might lead to a “double crash” once the effects wear off.

If you have somewhere to be that is important the next you might want to consider staying inside the bar while your friends go out and smoke because you might be nursing a nasty hangover for half the day with weird remedies.

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