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If you have any friends or family members that enjoy do-it-yourself type projects, then why not get them a cool tool or two? They would love some new Ingersoll cutting tools as well as any number of other useful products. Check out some of these tools that any handyman could use.
Cut-Off Saw

Whether your friend or family member uses wood or metals, a 7-1/4” cut-off saw is just the tool he or she needs. This piece of machinery contains CERMET tipped blades made with a ceramic-metal mixture that helps lengthen the lifespan of the blades. It cuts fast and causes virtually no sparks in doing so, making this one of the best Ingersoll cutting tools available.

Cross Test Level and Plumb

It can be difficult to measure whether or not you are attaching something in a level manner, whether you’re putting up single shelves onto your walls or building a piece of furniture. The Cross Test Level and Plum makes it easy to do cross test leveling without having to move the tool and also contains a plumb level at the top in order to check for squareness.

Pneumatic Random Orbital Sander

If your friend or family member works with wood in any way, then odds are he or she will want to sand the finished product. Make sanding easy and ensure the quality with the 3M 3” Pneumatic Random Orbital Sander which offers excellent grip support, a strong internal muffler that decreases noise up to 6dB and contains an improved dust collection port.

Magnetic Stand

If you have spent any time in a workshop by yourself, then you have experienced an occasion where you needed an extra hand. This makes things difficult if there’s no one around. A Magnetic Stand can offer assistance by holding tools for quick access or by gripping components that are being worked on. A magnetic stand makes it easy to attach and install onto any metal surface.

Harley-Davidson Safety Eyewear

If you notice anyone working without safety glasses, get them a pair quick! Safety should always be first, especially if anyone is working with power tools. Give them protection by getting them these stylish safety glasses made by Harley-Davidson, which provide 180 degrees of vision, allowing for superior side views and coverage. This pair of safety eyewear is not only practical, but comfortable as well!
If you’re searching for gifts to give a friend or family member that spends a lot of time in the workshop, then get them something they can use, such as one of the many high-quality Ingersoll cutting tools or one of these other excellent products.

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