Detroit Trying To Avoid Upset With Jacksonville Jaguars


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If you are  a Lions fan you would think that they won’t have any problem beating the Jaguars today.
Jacksonville’s offense has been non existent this season. We will see today.

The defense has played like crap and their quarterback is young and not consisted. With all that being said the Detroit Lions should have an easy game.

NFL observers said the same thing about the game the Detroit Lions had against the Tennessee Titans, which the Lions won 44-41 in overtime in week 3. The Titans were consider the worst team in football and their quarterback just out right sucked in games prior.

Tennessee out score the Lions 72-23 prior to the game in week 3 and that is why the Detroit Lions aren’t taking the game against the Jaguars so lightly.

Even through Jacksonville has not played well all season they are still a football team with a job to do and they get paid well to do it. The Lions have a lot going for them today too they have a chance to be .500 again with a win over the Jaguars. Detroit started the season 1-3 this year but the season is not over.

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