Expenses You Need To Get Rid Of

We all waste money but if you could save a little bit that would be fine too.

How to save on a few things

Here are a few things you can save money on if you just get rid of them.

1. Why spend money on cable. There are so many other cheap options like Youtube TV or Hulu. I personally have YouTube TV.
2. Water just gets a water bottle you like and get rid of the plastic water bottles.
3. Haircuts if you can. My wife is a hairstylist so mine is always free.
4. Dryer sheets you can use dryer balls with essential oils there much better.
5. Groceries just make a list and stick to it. Plan your meals and stick to the meals.
6. Cut out junk food it’s not good for you.
7. Using fabric softener you can use the dryer balls and I know you can get them off Amazon.com

Any savings is good savings if you can do it. Cable was hard for the most part but with YouTube TV being $40 it was worth a shot.

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