Fatty Food Changes Your Brain


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Eating fatty and sugary foods changes your chemical balance in your brain. Removing fatty and sugar foods from your diet may feel like going through a drug withdrawal.

Dr. Stephanie Fulton of the University of Montreal’s Faculty of Medicine and colleagues fed one group of mice a low-fat diet, which was 11 percent fat, and a high-fat diet, which was 58 percent fat, to a second group over six weeks, monitoring how the different food affected the way the animals behaved.

The high-fat diet caused the waist size in the latter group to increase by 11 percent, but the mice were not yet obese. CREB is a molecule that controls the activation of genes involved in the functioning of our brains, including those that cause the production of dopamine and it contributes to memory formation.The CREB was much higher in the mice that had the higher fat diet.

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