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Unfortunately in today’s fashion world, streetwear often gets its reputation by exclusivity. Too often, the search for limited edition apparel ends in an unlimited walk in circles. How can you buy the clothes if you can’t even find the boutique with no storefront sign on one of the big city fashion avenues?  Now, thanks to the new Gearbottle site, you can now search even broader for streetwear based off your wherever your standing in the world!
The co-founders of Gearbottle, Nick Peacock and Matt Hood, are two guys whose childhood friendship has been forged on their shared styles, passion and an unending search for “cool.” The concept behind the idea hatched back in 2010, after a sneaker convention sent them on a goose chase for a store called Flight Club somewhere in New York City’s streets of SoHo they never found. The duo was left empty footed and decided they had to help fix the unhip epidemic sweeping today’s current pop culture. After a couple brainstorming sessions over drinks, “Gearbottle” came to be. Whether you are on vacation in a new city wondering where the dope shops are, looking for that exclusive shop you’ve heard of but could never find, or just want to see what’s out there, just search Gearbottle, find your spot, and get your fresh!

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