Grammar Award winning Artist Dwele Wears LoveLifeSwagger

PhotoGrid_1347564836014.jpgIf you have ever hear of Dwele he is a Grammar Award Winner and he sports his Love Life Swagger just like Vitto Big Sean best friend sports Love Life Swagger. This has to be great for the city of Detroit with all the love and support that these Artist are showing to the Detroit clothing line.

Who would have thought that a t-shirt can blow up this much and gain the popularity it has so fast there is another artist coming out of Detroit that sports Love Life Swagger just like Dwele does and his name is Trev you need to check out his music he calls it ItsTrevMusic.  When you check out his music make sure to like him on Facebook and share the love for Detroit.

Both of them wear Love Life Swagger there is no other Detroit clothing brand like it, if you see it you should wear it because its more than a t-shirt its Detroit Swag and everyone can have a little swag in their style once in a while, why not make it Detroit Swagger.

Love Life Swagger is one of the most popular t-shirt company’s to come out of Detroit and they are well respected in the city of Detroit also.

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