Grand Ideas for Big Traffic Pushes To Your eCommerce Site – How Big Brands Are Using Platforms For Traffic

big brands use ecommerce

Grand Ideas for Big Traffic Pushes To Your eCommerce Site – How Big Brands Are Using Platforms For Traffic

The internet thrives on traffic and its always a race for any kind of solid traffic you can get with a shopify store. 

Selling goods online like is no easy task. Or selling online like is no easy task but they all started with wanting traffic.

You always need to come up with ways to get traffic to your website no matter what your selling from warehousing space or all the way to computer warehouse software , it all comes down to one thing and that’s traffic.

Any website needs traffic, auto loans and auto insurance get a good amount of traffic everyday. You always have to shop the rates cars aren’t cheap and the prices are changing daily.


SEO can help its for the long term though, not overnight like many say. Optimizing your website is a good place to start. Put your keywords in titles of blog posts and headings.

You can run Facebook ads for the purchase of branding, run maybe $3-$4 a day to get in front of people so they remember your name.

Email marketing is still huge get emails from people that have bought your products before and from the ads you run.


big brands use ecommerce

Use Instagram find hashtags, to be honest hashtags are the new SEO for Instagram. Big brands use Instagram (IG) all day.,,,,, and all use IG for some kind of marketing kick now.

You will want to look at making a Pinterest board and post on there everyday. You would be amazed by the people that shop on Pinterest everyday.

I personally use to like running bing ads because they were cheaper per click you will want to run a campaign for 90 days or so. But I will let you know that Facebook ads are still the cheapest. I am paying currently 8 cents per action and that’s for branding.

So yes blogging does help but its what you do after blogging that matter for the traffic. There is also a big kick for influencer marketing that everyone should tap into even if you are a personal brand.

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