Hitting The Gym First Time in 6 Months

Yesterday was the first time in a while, like 6 months I hit the gym. Well I didn’t really hit the gym but I did swim. Which I guess that counts to?

I just have to lose some weight. Its getting hard for me to get my socks on in the morning lol. Just kidding.

But I also felt good after a hour in the pool. I did 9 laps and my neck was killing me. But NO PAIN NO GAIN!

I am excited about hitting the gym again, probably going to make it a 3 days a week routine. But I need to get back into eating health and protein shakes, even fruit shakes.

I always ate a peanut butter sandwich and had a chocolate protein shake, post work out. A1supplements.com seems to have everything I need for a good post work out shake.

I just hope that I can stay up on the routine.

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