Holiday Tech Guide 2012: Video Games

Here is the break down of this years Holiday video game guide. This is a good guide for holiday gift shopping. Happy shopping this should give you a good break down for the holidays.

Assassin’s Creed III
PRO: Fun naval warfare CON: Slow start BEST FOR: Conspiracy theorists and out-of-shape free runners RETAIL PRICE: $59.99

XCOM Enemy Unknown
PRO: Strong, strategic gameplay CON: Not the game you probably remember BEST FOR: Armchair generals RETAIL PRICE: $59.99

Ninja Gaiden III Razor’s Edge for Wii U
PRO: Addresses complaints from earlier versions CON: Very bloody BEST FOR: Hack-and-slashers RETAIL PRICE: $59.99

Halo 4
PRO: Deeper storyline CON: Harder than you may remember BEST FOR: First-person shooter connoisseurs RETAIL PRICE: $59.99

PRO: Very open CON: Can feel a bit unfocused at times BEST FOR: Masters of their own fate RETAIL PRICE: $59.99

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