How Much Colonge Do Men Buy In 1 Year


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Now if you ask me how much cologne does a guy buy in  a year I would tell you it all depends on the guy to be honest. I mean there are guys out there that buy cologne all the time and there are guys out there at buy it like birds eat.

I personally have a lot of cologne and sometimes I just buy it for the bottle or because it smells good. I haven’t bought any recently but that’s because I have a whole closet full of cologne, what I like to smell good.

I have a collection of cologne going on right now but here are some of my favorite colognes that I use and that I want.  The question about what kind of cologne guys like it all depends on the type of guy you are and what your tastes are. I don’t like Old Spice smelling colognes, I like the summer soft smelling colognes and that is all up to the taste of the guy

1. Burberry Brit

2. Acqua Di Gio By Giorgio Armani

3. Kenneth Cole Black

4. Chrome

5. Kenneth Cole Reaction

Has you can see I am bit of a Kenneth Cole Fan I like his style to me its very clean. I hope you liked my short collection of colognes I like and that I want.

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