How To Create The Right Budget For Your Life

learning to budget in life

How To Create The Right Budget For Your Life


We all know it, well some of us know it managing money sucks and we aren’t all good at. But there is a way to work on it. Simplify your budget find the budget that works for you not everyone’s budgeting going to work for the next person.

learning to budget in life

You will want to revisit your budgeting every couple of months to make sure you are on track.

Lowering your bills will lower your budget. Budgeting is all about know what you can afford. Your budgeting should go like this 50% for the things you use to live. 20% of your check should go towards savings and 30% is for your own personal spending money.

Learn to love budgeting

Budgeting for anything is all about your mindset. Saving for a new or used car, down to saving for a down payment on a house. Yes it might be painful for a few months but think about the end goal when it comes to money, savings turns into retirement and the rest is for bills and vacations.

It doesn’t hurt to have a side hustle either like a Shopify store or selling stuff on or Affiliate marketing is a solid side hustle. If you like eCommerce that can be your side hustle.

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