How To Properly Organize Your Workouts To Get JACKED For The Beach This Summer Part 2


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So you made the decision this coming year that you were going to go from this…..

To THIS come beach-time……

So that you can attract THIS at the beach this summer……

But you don’t know how or you’re not seeing the results you want.

In Part 1 we discussed that maybe it’s time to switch things up and try organizing your workouts using Periodization.  We covered the basic overall plan but not in much detail.  That’s what Part 2 of this series is about….how to organize each phase.

Here’s how I do it….

I pick a handful of exercises, about 8-12, for the muscle groups I want to work covering the entire body.

On day one I max them out. That weight gives me my 1RM (repetition max) or 100% weight amount.  In the prep phase I start out with 40% and increase it 10% a week for 3 weeks. That will get my body used to progressively heavier loads and ready for the hypertrophy phase where I’ll be using 60-80%. 
I follow the same weight increases as the prep phase for all my phases. That means every 3 weeks I re-test my 1RM because my 1RM for all exercises should have increased or something’s wrong.  So I retest every 3 weeks and use the new number to determine the 60-80% I’ll be using for each 3 week sub-phase in my larger 12 week hypertrophy phase. The same goes for all the other phases. From there all you need to know is the proper percentages for each phase.
– Use 40-60% in the prep phase
– Use 60-80% in the hypertrophy phase
– Use 80-95% in the strength phase
– Use 30-50% in the muscle definition phase

That ought a take care of the business….

Know what I mean?

Stay tuned as each phase is broken down in even greater detail…..

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