How To Properly Organize Your Workouts To Get JACKED For The Beach This Summer Part 6


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There’s nothing more attractive to the opposite sex than a ripped body from head to toe.

And nothing says leader of the pack quite like ripped abs.

So what’s the big secret to achieving this godly look and benefiting from it’s lure?

Nothing, nada, zip.  There is no secret.  There are no secrets when it comes to training. There is only proper training and proper eating.  After following the proper progressions and phases there should be cuts of meat under that fat waiting to be revealed.  It’s only a matter of letting them come out to play.

When it comes to achieving that high status appeal, one needs to stimulate the body to use as much fatty acids for fuel as possible.  This will burn all of that subcutaneous fat hiding those godly slabs of muscle.  Arnold used to do hundreds of reps and burn thousands of calories a day months before a contest.

Notice how ripped he is.  You can see his abs, veins, and striations in his muscles when he flexes.

Now most of you are probably not aspiring bodybuilders, however, the concept remains the same.

The duration of the muscle definition phase is up to you. It can be as long as necessary until you have achieved your desired look.  However, keep in mind that for most people, doing any phase for more than 6 weeks is a mute point as the body will adapt and stop progressing.  Therefore, if you are going to do this phase for longer than 6 weeks it should be separated by a week long transition.

In order to achieve that striated, defined look one must burn off as much fat as possible.  The only way to do this with weights is to constantly increase the duration of contraction.  This may mean doing minute long sets, maybe even longer.

I’d say that most people in the gym think that doing sets of 15 reps constitutes fat burning or endurance work.  I would also say fail.  The goal with each and every phase is the total package.  We are not merely concerned with mass.  The goal is to achieve overall better looking bodies, with symmetry, high muscle density, and striations.

The number of repetitions per muscle group and per workout must be in the hundreds.  It is also very important to do the workout nonstop or resting only long enough to be able to complete all the reps.  Short rest intervals prevent ATP and glycogen stores from replenishing.  The prolonged work uses all of the ATP and glycogen stores forcing the body to use the only available source of energy left, fatty acids.

The first few weeks should be dedicated to increasing the number of reps per set to 50.  To achieve this number of reps the loads must be dropped to 30% of 1 RM.

Here is an example of a muscle definition phase workout:

Week 1: Perform 30 reps per exercise using 30-50% of 1 RM
Week 2: Increase to 40 reps
Week 3: Increase to 50 reps
Week 4: Perform 2 exercises back to back without rest – 100 reps
Week 5: Perform 4 exercises nonstop – 200 reps
Week 6: Perform all exercises nonstop – 400 reps

Training guidelines for definition phase:
Rep speed: medium
Sets per session: 1-3 depending on fitness level
Frequency per week: 2-4 every 48 hours – depending on fitness level

Because of the physiological demand of the definition phase training may be severe.  Therefore, it may not be suited for beginners. Experiment with your body and find what is appropriate for your fitness level.

This is a very fun phase as you get to watch your body go through amazing changes. Now get to it!

Next up….the top exercises that will get you JACKED

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