How To Start Planning Your Next Trip

planning your next trip

How To Start Planning Your Next Trip

Your trying to plan a vacation on the web, it could be a honeymoon or just a straight vacation for the family. Do you have a checklist of things to do probably, right? Well I have some more tips for you to make this “trip” that much easier. 

planning your next trip

  • Do a pre check for TSA
  • Book two one way flights for better deals
  • You don’t have to fly an US airline, you can go international flights too.
  • Pack a squishy carry on so that you can put it up in the over head bin easier
  • Pack rolled up socks in the shoes you are taking ( if you don’t have any vacation shoes visit
  • Download the airlines phone app so you can have your flight information ready

Here are some things you will want to pack in your carry on.

  • A neck pillow
  • A tablet
  • A notepad and a pen
  • A hand bag
  • Some music (you may be able to store some on an old phone)
  • Books are good for the plane ride

Now there might be more you can think of for traveling and carry ons but this should be a good start for you.

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