How To Take Care of Bad Breath As You Get Older


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Going to the dentist sucks and finding out that there something wrong in your mouth doesn’t sound like good news.

how to take care of bad breatheAs you get older you can tell that your teeth are getting weaker that’s why going to the dentist is a healthy move but not everyone does it.

Just like not everyone brushes their teeth. You can get a tooth brush cheap online you can buy a tooth brush at,,, and even Amazon.

But besides a tooth brush bad breath sucks as you get older, so a tongue scrapper is always handy in the morning. If you spend about 30-45 seconds on your tongue and then brush your teeth you won’t feel like you must pop in some gum once you get in the car for work or a mint.

Bad breath happens but being prepared for it will make you feel good. Plus don’t forget to go to the dentist every six months.

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