Justin Timberlake Serenades Jessica Biel At Wedding

Justin and Jessica Biel

Justin Timberlake made a personalized wedding song for wife Jessica Biel. I guess that’s the perks of being married to a boy-band member. He dedicated a new song
that has yet to be released to Jessica Biel.

Did you know that the wedding for the 2 celebs was actually celebrity free? In attendance was Justin’s SNL co-stars Jimmy Fallon and Andy Sandberg, and for Jessica Biel it was 7th Heaven co-star Beverley Mitchell.

There was no N’SYNC members in attendance although Chris Kirkpatick was seen in Italy its still unknown if he went to the wedding or not. 

Justin Timberlake wasn’t in top form but he was still having fun with his new wife and family with food, music, and good italian wine. Everything went beautifully!

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