Last Batch Of Twinkies Hit Store Shelves


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The last batch of Hostess Twinkies were brought 20,000 Twinkies were bought buy a grocery store. The last batch of Twinkies came from a Hostess factory in Georgia.

Siemienas said that the shipment went on sale at Supervalu’s 150 Chicago-area Jewel-Osco stores Monday, and that sales peaked on the day that he dubbed “Twinkie Tuesday.” By Wednesday, only a few cakes were left.

“I can tell you first hand that our customers are very excited to see everything,” he said.

By “everything,” Siemienas was referring to not only the Twinkies, but to the 4,000 Vanilla Zingers, 3,500 Ding Dongs, 2,500 Orange Cup Cakes, 1,300 Chocolate Fingers and 300 Raspberry Fingers that were also included in the last batch from the bankrupt bakery.

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