Looking at Your Financial Habits

making a financial budget

Looking at Your Financial Habits

If you want to buy anything in life it all starts with the great ole’ budget. No BS about it that’s what it comes down to is money your credit score plays a role but money over credit. 

Starting a budgeting plan


making a financial budget

A budget is going to take time but stick with it. A lot of people do this 50/30/20 which is this 50% of your money goes toward essential spending, 30% goes towards personal spending, and 20% goes towards saving like retirement and or other savings.

You want to have an emergency fund started just in case things go crazy. Maybe you can’t cover your car payment this month or you need to get new tires or a plumbing issue happened in the house.

There are a ton of reasons to have an emergency fund they will and can save your butt. Having a budget for everything is the way to go from buying a car new or used, to buying a house.

Even business want to have a budget in plans if they are looking to buy a piece of software or they need extra space to store inventory, that all costs money.

Making life simple

Let’s put this down this way, can you get by with a used car? Yes. Can you skip out on buying that $5 Starbucks or buying those ray-bans. Yes, Ray-ban.com is so expensive you can get a cheaper pair of glasses.

You can simplify your life you don’t need to have a lot to live and you want to cut down the credit card use we all do. I think everyone depends on a credit card at some point in their lives.

Don’t finance a thing, not even a car. That’s just an extra expense, unless you have bad credit or have a large down payment for a car and you want to purchase a used car at best.

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