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IMG_20120609_093822.jpgNew York is going to have a new clothing line in within in its fashion   industry and it has a strong back bone coming from Detroit. Love Life Swagger is making a move to New York and other major cities. To make it a brand that people will want to buy.New York is a hot spot right now for fashion and its a good move for Love Life Swagger, they will still be in Detroit but they have wanted to expand for a while now and why not start in New York with your expansion. They eventually want to move into California too.

So don’t be surpised if you see Love Life Swagger on the west coast, because its going to happen. But New York is a great place for Love Life Swagger and can grow to be big. Remember when you buy a t-shirt from Love Life Swagger you are buying a part of Detroit Swag and that doesn’t matter where your from you can get the swag anywhere.

If you are into BMX or what main stream calls “emo” this is the New York Clothing Line you want to check out. BMXers in Detroit love to wear Love Life Swagger clothing. Just to let you know that Love Life Swgger has been worn by Dwele and other artists in Detroit.

The company was built on a creative design and the style of many, Love Life Swagger in New York is going to try and make a large footprint in the city for its brand and it can honestly only grow from there. Artist from everywhere and even pro althetes have been seen wearing Love Life Swagger and thats big for the company to make that kind of impression on pro althetes and music artists.

New York is going to have more swag than ever before with the help of this clothing line and the city of Detroit has done great wearing the swag shirts and Love Life Swagger wants New York to have a piece of the cake also.

The Clothing company is doing big things and it will be awesome one day to see the people of New York embrace Love Life Swagger like the city of Detroit does and that is the goal of this clothing line is to have everyone were it.

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