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I thought it would be fitting now that we are in the cold part of winter to share with you some deal/sales that I have come across now I shop for winter coats and gloves, my hands get very cold during the winter probably because I stay outside to long.

This past Christmas I got a pair of Herman Survivors Men’s Brun Work Boots this bad boys work well, I usually beat the hell out of a work boot but my herms seem to stand up to the test I have been putting them through.

One sale that I check out every year come winter time is the Marmot Mountain Sale – Up to 30% off they have some great deals on their stuff and it seems to last. For me its all about how warm I can stay when it gets really cold outside. I am always online looking at sales and trying to find the very best winter it comes to winter boots, coats, and gloves. Hope you can find something that you like for this winter too.

Please share your winter coat, gloves or boots experience.

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